by A.C. Smith

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Deeply with the sun in our eyes

is a gripping literary thriller, enthralling in an intriguing labyrinth of contours and charismatic people. Destiny and love are enmeshed with a tumult of passion, treachery and honour in the shadow of the fall of Singapore, Britain’s greatest military catastrophe.


with the sun in our eyes
A.C. Smith

In the 1950’s, well before reaching double figures and alternating between living in a tiny cottage in Annerley, Brisbane and a cobbled-together farmhouse an hour to the north-west at Mount Samson, there were six pre-eminent things upon which my parents insisted. They were a healthy, predominantly vegetarian diet, Sunday School, reading, a fundamental understanding of mathematics, all-round sporting attainments and not being shy of physical work. Mum figured in the first three and Dad the rest...

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