An intricate tale of love, triumph and tragedy

Nothing is as it seems among passengers on the New Zealand Star’s voyage to England via Cape Town. Colonel Newton’s impotency resides in another when portraying to enigmatic widow, Nancyng Jenkins, his role as emissary to a dying woman, while she masks a torrid life of devious subterfuge mingled with unspeakable horror.

Both encounter reinstatement in each other, yet suspicion persists when, into this milieu, sashays young heiress, Henrietta, abused, capricious and lost. Her deadly secrets will ensure a prolonged sojourn in Port Elizabeth for some of the passengers.

Fate intervenes when High Commissioner Sir Gerald Templer recalls Newton to the cauldron of Malaya, the quarry being most-wanted terrorist, The Huntsman. But what schemes might Scarfino have afoot in cultivating Newton’s extrovert aide, Tommy?

With the past casting long shadows that can no longer be hidden, does Mrs Jenkins hold the key to Newton’s redemption, the completion of his mission and her own freedom or will history repeat itself ensnaring both?

The English Colonel’s Wives is available in hard copy and e-book.

“Words from the mists of the early Twentieth Century and on through the years, settle sagaciously on the pages of A.C. Smith’s latest novel, The English Colonel’s Wives. It is a satirical work of extraordinary proportions, filled with metaphors, alliteration and language that reflect ages past: “…ornamenting those black clouds like a string of pearls”. The words read as poetry. The story is told through the dialogue of the main characters, and just when you think you have the measure of the story, you are thrown for a six. Colonel Newton, the lead character, expresses his thoughts on this when relating an incident to Nancyng: “Anything you come up with is best consigned to posterity, if only to appreciate how wrong you will be.”

Judith Flitcroft


An Epic Tale of Human Tragedy against the Fall of Singapore

As the Japanese assault on Malaya begins, naïve Australian marine engineer, Richard’s vain pursuit of a painful truth ends with him being battered senseless. Unconscious on an isolated Kuala Lumpur roadside, he is rescued by English doctor, Greda and her philandering planter husband, Edward, as his ship sails away.

The Imperial Army’s advance seemingly unstoppable, the lives of Richard, Greda, Edward, the British traitor Captain Heenan and enigmatic Chinese refugee Eva, consort to all three men, become desolately entwined.

With Singapore island under siege amidst chaotic resistance by the Empire’s defenders, Richard and Greda are thrust towards a wretched paradigm in the frenetic rush to board the Empire Star about to cast off from the doomed colony. What endures and what matters guides the decision neither wishes to make.

Deeply With The Sun In Our Eyes combines an intriguing labyrinth of contours and charismatic people. Destiny and abiding love are enmeshed within a tumult of treachery and honour against the shadow of the fall of Singapore, Britain’s greatest military humiliation.

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Deeply With The Sun In Our Eyes is available in hard copy and e-book.

“A.C. Smith has crafted a must-read thriller with characters that leap to life on the page. Each character has a story all their own, and the way the author intermingles them is impressive and entertaining. Besides the intrigue and the struggle to survive, you have the romance, which raises the stakes and has the reader even more invested in what happens. I really enjoyed the way the author built the growing relationship between Richard and Greda. Set against the backdrop of the Japanese invasion of Malaya and the Fall of Singapore, this novel brings history to life in a dramatic way, much more than a classroom lesson ever could. The language and phrasing the author uses are fitting, stirring the imagination and senses. The plot is complex without being overly so. Some sections are violent, with rape scenes that may affect some readers, so this is a fair warning. But this isn’t a book that shies away from the truth. In fact, truth is one of the major themes of this novel, along with honour, sacrifice, and survival. The stress among the characters aptly reflects the stress of war. The author delivers an intense yet informative picture of life, love, and wartime of that era. Deeply With The Sun In Our Eyes by A.C. Smith is a raw depiction of the Fall of Singapore, told with brutal honesty and grace.”

Tammy Ruggles


A.C. Smith