The English Colonel’s Wives

Thorough research underpins A.C.’s books. Here is assembled some of the influencers allowing readers to understand the history that inspired his work.

Built for the Blue Star Line at Harland and Woolf Shipyards, Belfast, she was launched in November 1934 and completed in March 1935.

The New Zealand Star was a refrigerated cargo/passenger ship of gross tonnage 10,740 and was 524.2 feet long. She was a sister ship to the Brisbane Star.

Deeply With The Sun In Our Eyes

There is nothing quite so exciting as the ‘last-ditch escape from doom’ narrative. More so if it’s undertaken by sea. History throws up many such events, as it did in Singapore’s dying days on 12 February 1942.

The ship depicted on the back cover of the book is the Empire Star, the last large vessel to sail from Singapore before the colony surrendered to the Japanese. It could accommodate 12 passengers and 47 crew comfortably, but by the time it cast off, nearly 2500 souls had crammed aboard.

Under the brilliant command of Captain Edward Capon OBE, it evaded Japanese air attacks, though not without taking damage and casualties before reaching the Dutch East Indies.

A.C. Smith